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When Your Boss Acts Like a Primate

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen your boss acts like a primate, please do not consider throwing feces at your boss.

Back in the day when I was a lot younger, I to felt that a former boss of mine might have crossed the line when they were critiquing my work. Throwing feces at this person might have been an option at that time, but according to an article published on WebMD, this probably wasn’t the best way to go about it. It probably would have also limited my future career opportunities. In the WebMD article work-life expert Tevis Rose Trower of Balance Integration Corp. says it’s important “to hold the boss in compassion” and allow them to possibly even vent about the situation.

It wasn’t my brightest hour.
I have to admit back then, I wasn’t very mature and I thought showing up my boss was the best way to go about the situation. I went around complaining about the situation and attempted to get all my colleagues to side with me. What I really should have done was attempt to adapt to the situation rather than attempting to get my way. This only made things worse since I was forcing people to take sides. In the workplace we are forced to deal with people with all sorts of backgrounds and ideas on how to handle work-related problems. Back then I wasn’t interested in trying to figure out where my boss was coming from, I only cared about wanting to be in the “right”. I was approaching the situation with my ego and that was absolutely the wrong way to go about it.

The whole experience ended up being a hard lesson for me.
That particular job experience was a difficult one to swallow. I left that particular experience with an understanding that I would never allow my relationship with my future bosses to ever go that wrong again. Since that experience I have always given my bosses and co-workers the opportunity to be upfront and honest with me about anything.

I always believe in standing up for what I think is right, but I also don’t try and bully anyone into my way of thinking. I also agree with the WebMD article when they state it’s important to realize that there is no perfect workplace and there will always be issues of some sort when dealing with a boss at the workplace. It’s better to accept this as a fact and try to deal with the issues at hand with that frame of mind.