Why Contestants from the “Biggest Loser” Couldn’t Keep the Weight Off

According to a recent study published in the medical journal Obesity Biology and Integrated Physiology, dropping weight fast can do more harm than good. The study revealed that with quick weight loss comes a severe slowdown in metabolism.
The study followed 14 reality show contestants from the show “The Biggest Loser”. Six years after they were on the show all but one of the contestants showed a significant slowdown in metabolic rates. I am sure you are also wondering if the most of the contestants were able to keep the weight off after the show was over. The answer is no. All but one of the contestants was able to stop from regaining a lot of the weight back.
Of course, there is a lot more research needed on this topic, but it goes along with my opinion: There are no shortcuts when it comes to losing weight. The truth is no one should think of losing weight as a goal in the first place. The goal should be adjusting lifestyle and developing healthier habits. I promise you the weight will start coming off without much effort when the right habits and mindset are adopted.
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Dr. Shah, MD

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